Revolver Star was my sophomore game project at DigiPen. This game had a team of 6 with a dedicated artist during the last half of the project. This was a two semester project so we ended up working on it for a total of about 6-7 months during 2015/16. This game was built entirely in a custom engine that was developed concurrently with the game. We are really proud of this game and it ended up being recognized by receiving awards for it’s addictive game-play, visual style and effects as well as taking second place as the Game of the Year for our cohort. The game also was shown at PAX Prime 2016.

On this project I built the graphics engine, created VFX  and tools (such as a particle editor/engine), built the asset pipeline, contributed to the source code for the core engine, was a producer and wrote the soundtrack. The tools and functionality that I wrote enabled 3 designers, 3 other programmers and a full-time artist. This game was a lot of fun to make and I learned a great deal during the development process.

Check out the trailer here or download it and play it for yourself.



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